Saturday, July 7, 2012

So... two months later

Well, the last two months have been quite a journey so I apologize for not keeping up with recipes and the on-goings of the Goode-Wick fam! :)  We found out several weeks ago that we are expecting our first baby in December and are beyond excited.  Now, with that being said, I am not eating Paleo at this time.  The last thing I have wanted to see/cook/smell/eat is meat.  So, needless to say, not meat and continuing to eat Paleo do not really go together.  :)

I have been working on getting outside every single day and doing some sort of exercise.  I also sit on a pilate ball at work which I have been doing for a couple of years now.  So far I am still healthy and the baby is growing just fine. 

This is me towards the end of May (please ignore the sexy sweat stains)... I'm 17 weeks now so my pooch currently looks more like a gut then a baby belly.  :) 
I really have nothing to complain about though. 
I've also had some wonderful people give/send me baby things (which I always appreciate).  Its been sweet but sort of crazy starting to see baby things around our house. 
Our first onesie from Lyndsey Goode of NYC:

My co-worker Roxanne was being extra generous and gave me a Coach diaper bag that her sister bought her when she had her son.  Since he was a little older when she received it it really didn't get much use.  I was absolutely willing to take it off her hands. 

We find out in about two weeks what the gender of our little blueberry is and are eagerly awaiting that day! 

So for now, you are not going to be seeing a lot of recipes on this site until my taste buds come back to me.  :) 

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  1. Pictures of you and baby stuff are fine, just fine...maybe even more fun than recipes for the time being!