Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nesting: The nursery

(This was written back in November but I'm just now posting... sorry for the SUPER delay... but I had a baby... so, pretty good excuse, huh?)
Isn't it oh so cute?!!

Actually, this is just Reed's Baby Shower cake from the Tucson shower.  It was delicious and precious!  We had such a wonderful time and are so thankful to our friends and family that came out to celebrate Reed with us.  One of the things that was a blessing about having a shower at our house was all the projects that we had been avoiding for the last 5 years finally got accomplished...quickly.  We had two old nasty dingy sheds removed, a new shed built, and the entire house painted.  Then we put together Reed's room!  

We decided to go with a nautical theme for the nursery.  Brian's whole family are avid sailors so it just made sense... well, that or airplanes.  :)  Our good friends B&M helped me figure out what furniture I needed as well as what items to register for.  I am so thankful for friends who have had babies before me that can emphasize the dos and don't as well as the wants and needs.  We bought all of our furniture from Babies R Us.  My plan for all of this stuff is to last Reed until he is 18 and can take it with him when he moves out! :)
Don't you love how I plan for his future already? :)

The lighting wasn't that great with my iphone photos but you at least get the idea.  The bookshelf will be completely full once my parents arrive with the gifts we received in Dallas.  I can't wait to be able to read to Reed... as I know my mom feels the same way! :)  The bedding is all from Pottery Barn Kids (thanks B&M!!)  and the adorable sail boat mobile is also from PBK!  The clutter on the book shelf will go away at some point once I figure out how I want everything organized.  I figured that I need to pick my priorities in life right now and I figured Reed will care less about how that book shelf looks for a long while.

 His changing table and awesome decoration... remember, nautical theme... and nautical terms (thank you DMc)!
My goal is to do cloth diapering.  Most of my friends have done this with much success so I have been soliciting their advice a ton over the last several months.  I am excited to start the process with a real baby to figure it all out and I am looking forward to it.  Who would have known I would get so excited over diapers and a child going to the bathroom?    Either way, here are the pictures... love the room (I'm supposed to be biased, right?)!

On another note about nesting -- Brian set up the car seat base in the car so we are ready to roll.  I packed my bag this weekend too so I am feeling more and more like there is nothing more for me to do but wait for Reed to decide to arrive.  I do want to point out, that bag has stuff for me, Reed and Brian in it.... so it is not just me acting like I'm moving out for a weekend!!  Happy nesting :)